Nebojša Jokić

member of the Ministry of the Interior

Most of his career of over 30 years Nebojša Jokić spent in the Ministry of Interior, working on jobs related to ICT and especially information security.

Nebojša actively participated in the preparations for the establishment and was the first head of the MUP CERT, which was the first CERT in the public sector in the Republic of Serbia.

As part of his work, he was a representative of the Ministry in working groups for drafting the most important legal documents in the field of information security – the Law on Information Security and its bylaws, the Strategy for Information Security Development, and the Law on Critical Infrastructure and its bylaws.

Nebojša was a member of the Body for Coordination of Information Security Affairs and Deputy Head of this Body.

Nebojša was a representative in the OSCE Informal Working Group on Cyber Security and was actively involved in Serbia’s sponsorship of OSCE Confidence Building Measure No. 9.

At the end of last year, Nebojša Jokić retired from the Ministry of the Interior, which gave him the opportunity to dedicate himself more to participating in the activities of the Cybersecurity Network Foundation.